How do I install the StudioLive Offline Editor?
For the Mac OSX Version: Extract the file "StudioLive Offline Editor.app" and copy it to your Applications Folder.

For the Microsoft Windows Version: Create a new folder under Program Files and name it "StudioLive Offline Editor" Extract all of the files from the downloaded zip file and copy them to the new folder.

Do I need to install Presonus Universal Control Software to use the StudioLive Offline Editor?
Yes. The editor uses the files installed or created by Universal Control© and Virtual Studio© Live and is required to work properly.

How do I save a new scene or FAT Channel Preset in the StudioLive Offline Editor?
Press the "+" button and enter a name to assign to the scene or channel preset.

How do I delete an existing scene or FAT Channel Preset in the StudioLive Offline Editor?
Select the scene or Fat Channel Preset that you want to delete in the list and press the "-" button at the top of the browser.

Can I run the StudioLive Offline Editor while I am running Universal Control?
Yes. You can create new scenes and FAT Channel presets for use in Virtual Studio Live while running the Offline Editor. You may have refresh the scene or preset list in order to see a new scene or preset created with the offline editor. To do so, simply click on a different tab and then back again within Virtual Studio Live to refresh the list.

Does the StudioLive Offline Editor work with the new AI Mixers an Universal Control AI?
No. Only legacy StudioLive 16.4.2 and 24.4.2 are supported.

Where can I get support for the StudioLive Offline Editor?
Please use our Contact/Support Page to submit your questions or comments to Roadie Software Support.

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