We are proud to introduce the new StudioLive Offline Editor.


StudioLive Offline Editor is a combination of the familiar PreSonus Virtual Studio Live (VSL)© interface, and the mixer's own controls. With StudioLive Offline Editor, you can easily create, save and edit FAT Channel Presets and entire scenes for your PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 or StudioLive 16.4.2. without having to be connected to a PreSonus© mixer.

Now, you can create and edit new Scenes and FAT Channel Presets for Virtual StudioLive whenever and wherever it is convenient! Both Mac and Windows versions are available.

With StudioLive Offline Editor you can:

  • Create/Edit FAT Chanel Presets
  • Create/Edit Entire Scenes
  • Assign Channels to Subs/Mains
  • Edit Scribble Strips
  • Turn Phantom Power On/Off
  • Turn Fire Wire On/Off
  • Invert the Phase
  • Set Channel to Post DSP on Firewire Output
  • Set the High Pass Filter Cutoff Frequency
  • Set All Gate Controls
  • Set Compressor Controls
  • Turn Mute On/Off
  • Link Channels in Stereo Pairs
  • Adjust L/R Balance
  • Drag and Drop Channel Presets onto Channels
  • Drag and Drop Entire Scenes
  • Assign Auxiliary Sends Pre/Post Fader
  • Assign Talkback to Aux Groups or Mains
  • Turn Talkback On/Off
  • Switch between SL-24.4.2 and SL-16.4.2 Views

All without having to be connected to a PreSonus© mixer!



Please be sure to read the Tips and FAQ's before downloading the software.

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